Etiquettes of Ziyarat

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What does the pilgrim have to do before he embarks on the journey?

Give Sadqa.

It is mustahab to fast on the last 3 days before leaving for ziyarat.

Before starting the journey one should perform Ghusl.

Subsequently, he should collect his family members and pray 2 rakat Namaz and recite following dua: O Allah, as a trust, I, today, give myself, my family my property, and my children in Thy charge. And those who are doing the same as I am doing, whether my fellow travellers or travelling separately, O Allah, protect us along with (our) faith, and keep a watch over us. O Allah let us remain covered by Thy mercy, do not withdraw Thy favours from us as we are anxiously longing for Thee. O Allah, we take refuge with Thee from the inconveniences of the journey, sad return and witnessing any untoward sight harmful to our family, property and children, in this world and in the Hereafter. O Allah, I direct myself towards Thee in this journey for obtaining Thy pleasure and for seeking Thy nearness. O Allah, therefore, let me accomplish that which I desire and expect from Thee and Thy friends, O the Most Merciful of all who show mercy!

Then he should go near the door and recite Tasbeeh of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (sa), then he should recite Surah Hamd & Ayatul Kursi facing front, his right & his left. Then recite the following dua:

O Allah I turn my face towards Thee (refer my intention to Thee) and leave behind (under Thy care) my family and property and that which Thou has bestowed on me. I have full confidence in Thee. So do not disappoint me, O He who does not let any one suffer a loss when one turns to Him, nor let anything go waste when it is given under His care. O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on his children, and take care of me under the circumstances wherein I am away from that which is associated with me; and do not leave me alone on my own, O the Most Merciful of all who show mercy.

Lastly recite, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Qadr, Surah Falaq & Surah Nas & keep some khake-shifa with you. It’s important that the person settle his loans, Khums & other dues before he leaves for his journey. The person should read and know about the holy personalities in advance or take some reading material with him so he can read during the journey.

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