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How should one enter the Shrine?

As you see the shrine, empty your mind from worldly thoughts and think how Allah has blessed you with the opportunity to meet with such a great personality. Before entering the Shrine we should seek permission. GOD says in Surat Ahzaab Chapter No 33; “O believers, you should not enter the house of the Holy Prophet unless permission has been granted unto you”. Therefore recite the following Izn-e-Dukhool:

Seek Permission to Enter

O Allah I stand still at one of the doors of the houses of Thy Prophet, (َThy blessings be on him and on his children), because people are not allowed to enter without his permission. So Thou said: “O you who believe! Enter not the dwellings of the Prophet unless permission be granted you. ” O Allah, I hold (as an article of faith) this honoured place of pilgrimage as sacred, in his invisibility just as I was certain and sure of his sanctity in his presence. I know that Thy Messenger and Thy Representatives (peace be on them) are alive, by Thy leave, and are preserving, seeing my place of halting, hearing my words answering my “Salaam”, Although Thou has shut off their speech from my hearing but has unbolted the door of my understanding, because of my delightful recitation of their merits. First I ask for Thy permission O my Lord, and then seek Thy Messenger’s leave (Blessings of Allah be on him and on his children), and take permission from Thy representative, obedience unto whom has been made obligatory on me, [mention the name of the Holy person whose “Ziyaarat” is being performed along with his father’s name For example “Husayn bin Ali (A.S.) , or “Ali bin Moosa Al Riza (A.S.)]. Then say: and also from the Angels, appointed as guardians of this blessed precinct. 

May I enter O Messenger of Allah? May I enter O Hujjatullah (proof of Allah)? May I enter O favourite angels of Allah, quartered in this place of pilgrimage? Give permission to enter, O my Mawlaa, a most cordial welcome that is extended to any of your closest friends; may be I do not deserve it, but you are known to do this.

Then kiss the entrance gate and while stepping in recite the following: In the name of Allah, for the sake of Allah, in the cause of Allah, and on account of the religion of the Messenger of Allah, blessings of Allah be on him and on his children, O Allah forgive me, have mercy on me and turn to me, surely, Thou, only Thou, art the Relenting (Often-turning), the Merciful.

As the pilgrim recites these words it is important that he feels his mind with ideas of his own lowliness of his own sinfulness of the fact that he comes from the background whereby he may have consistently shown disrespect to the presence of the Holy Imam. When he remembers his sinful past he starts getting feelings of SHAME & GUILT & wrongdoing and he feels uneasy. It is at this time that the heart may become soft and he is angry with himself and he feels that he really does not deserve to be given permission. At this stage he should not feel despaired and lose all hope. He should remind himself that he is in the presence of an Imam who is kind, who is loving, who is merciful, who is magnanimous, seek their magnanimity, beseech their benevolence, and pray to them that out of their kindness they should allow you into their presence. Promise them that from now onwards you will become a better person, you will change your past, you will become determined to improve & develop in the near future. If at this stage, tears start flowing from your eyes, your heart feels soft, and you feel uneasy about yourself inside, you should take this as the sign that the Imam has spiritually granted you the permission and that you may now enter the Holy Shrine.

With these feelings then you should slowly proceed in small steps as if you are a slave, who has come to the court of his master. You should walk with your head down in constant dhikr, remember the greatness of Allah, have humility, have reverence, take short steps & proceed slowly with tearful eyes into the Shrine closer to the Zareeh. Once in the surroundings of the Holy precincts you must remind yourself that this is a holy place, we are told in the hadith that everyday 70,000 angels descend to the BAYTUL MA’AMUR in the heavens they do TAWAF there, then they descend to the Ka’ba, then they proceed to the grave of the Holy Prophet (s) and greet upon him, and then proceed to the grave of Imam Ali (as) and greet him, and then proceed to the grave of Imam Husain (as) and greet him and then they ascend till the end of the world & don’t return. Therefore remind yourself that you are in surroundings of the angels, who constantly descend and ascend, remind yourself of the holiness, of the purity, of the sanctity, of the cleanliness, of the spirituality of this holy precinct.

In fact the Quran tells us that in Surat al-Hujurat; O people who believe, do not raise your voices above that of the Holy Prophet, when you are in the presence of the Holy Prophet and of the other Masumeen, therefore you must keep your voice and your tone low and observe extreme reverence, humility, respect, feelings of love, and obedience and yearning to get more closer to the Masumeen, to get the maximum advantage from their presence, to ask for whatever needs you may have, to present to them your real problems, and to seek final solutions from them. Realize that the Holy Imam (as) himself is present.

No pushing, elbowing, but try to cling to the zarih. Do Dua under the dome (Qubbah).

Cling to zarih and try to recite duas & monajaat from Sahifa Kamilah. First pray for family members, relatives and other momineens. Especially pray for others with same problem as yourself. Pray that you are able to return for Ziyarat again.

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