Arrival at the Shrine

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Arrival at the Shrine

How should he interact with the others ones he arrives in the city of Ziyarat?

The pilgrim should try his best to be courteous, polite and should always be ready to lend a helping hand. He should always give preference to other zaireen over himself. One should not belittle others or consider anyone inferior because of their appearance and mannerisms. Help the Iraqi people, especially children who have been oppressed for a long time & are financially very weak.


How should one approach the Shrine?

If it is possible to go directly to the shrine as soon the person arrives the city, it has its own reward. Try to wear the same clothes you travelled in to. Do not even brush off the dust from your hair. Go as a humble and lowly servant of Allah. If you are going through your hotel or residence then take a ghusl. During the performance of the Ghusl the niyyah should be that along with the physical body one is also cleaning his heart from spiritual diseases. Because the Ma’sum personality we are visiting is not only aware of our physical being but is also fully aware of our spiritual being. Wear good & simple clothes and apply perfume as well.

Proceed from the residence walking with dignity, reverence & humility with the mind filled with memories and images of the Ma’sum.

Engage oneself constantly with Tasbeeh & Zikr. Always try to avoid vain and useless talks. Dhikr can be either “Allahu Akbar” or “La ilaha ilallaah” or “SubhanAllah”

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