Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.w.)

Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.w.) said:

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يا عِبادَ اللهِ أَنتُم کَالمَرضَی وَرَبُّ العالَمِينَ کَالطَّبيبِ، فَصَلاحُ المَرضی فيما يَعلَمُهُ الطَّبيبُ وَتَدبِيرُهُ بِهِ،لا فيما يَشتَهِيهِ المَريضُ وَيَقتَرِحُهُ، أَلا فَسَّلِّمُوا لِلّهِ أَمرَهُ تَکُونُوا مِنَ الفاِئزِين


Oh servants of Allah! You are like ill patients and the Lord of the Universes is like a doctor.

The well-being of the ill person lies in the rule (formula) which the physician knows & administers and not with what the patient desires.

Therefore, obey the commands of Allah so that you get to become among the victorious ones.



مَن اَصبَحَ لا يَهتَمُ بِاُمُورِ المُسلِمِينَ فَلَيسَ مِنهُم وَمَن يَسمَع رَجُلاً يُنادِي يا لَلمُسلِمِينَ فَلَم يُجِبهُ فَلَيسَ بِمُسلِمٍ 

One who starts a morning and does not make effort about the affairs of the Muslims is not one of the Muslims.

And a person who hears the voice of a man who calls the Muslims to his help but he does not respond him, is not a Muslim.





إِن النَّبِيَّ بَعَثَ سَرِيَّةً،فَلَمّا رَجَعُوا قالَ: مَرحَباً بِقُومِ قَضَوَُا الجِهادَ الأَصغَرَ وَ بَقِيَ عَلَيهِمُ الجِهادُ الأَکبَرُ . فقيلَ: يا رَسُولَ اللهِ مَا الجِهادُ الأَکبَرُ؟ قالَ:جِهادُ النَّفسِ

The Prophet of Islam (saw) sent a group of Muslims to the battle front against the enemies. When they returned the Apostle of Allah he said to them, ‘Well done, bravo, the group who have performed the minor jihad (holy war) & the greater jihad has (yet) to be performed by them.’ They said ‘Oh Prophet of Allah what is the great jihad?’

The Prophet replied, ‘Jihad-un Nafs, the battle against ones own self.’





اِذا ظَهَرَت البِدَعُ في اُمَّتي فَليُظهِرِ العالِمُ عِلمَهُ فَمَن لَم يَفعَل فَعَلَيهِ لَعنَةُ اللهِ

When the innovations & heretical practices become evident in my Ummah, it is necessary for the scholar to make his knowledge manifest & open (with regards to making the innovations public).  Whosoever does not do so, Allah’s curse be upon him.





أَلفُقَهاءُ أُمَناءُ الرُّسُلِ ما لَم يَدخُلوا في الدُّنيا، قيلَ يا رَسُولَ اللهِ : وَما دُخُولُهُم فِي الدُّنيا؟ قالَ: اتّباعُ السُّلطانِ فَإذا فَعَلُوا ذلِکَ فَاحذَرُوهُم عَلی دينِکُم 

Jurisprudents are the trustees of the Prophets (trust worthy & dependable representatives) till such time they have not entered the world (affairs)? One of those present asked ‘, what is their entry into the world (affairs)? The Prophet said in response to him, ‘Following the king, so when they do that beware of them about your religion (guard your religion from them).




اِنّي لا اَتَخَوَّفُ عَلی اُمَّتی مؤمِناً وَلا مشرِکاً، فَامَّا المُؤمِنُ فَيَحجُزُهُ اِيمانُهُ واَمّا المُشرِکُ فَيَقمَعُهُ کُفرُهُ، وَلکِن اَتَخَوَّفُ عَلَيکُم مُنافِقاً عَليمَ للّسانِ يَقُولُ مَا تَعرِفُونَ وَيَعمَلُ مَا تُنکرُونَ

 I do not have fear about my Ummah from the faithful nor the polytheist. For the faith of the faithful refrains him from harming the Ummah, whilst the infidelity of the polytheist will become the cause of his abjectness & repression.

But I am afraid about you (being harmed) from the glib tongued hypocrite. He utters by his tongue what you believe is good and his actions are what you consider bad (vices).





اِذا کانَ يَومُ القِيامَةِ نادی مُنادٍ اَينَ الظَّلَمَةٌ وَاعَوانُهُم؟ مَن لاقَ لَهُم دَواةً، اَورَبَطَ لَهُم کِيساً، اَومَدَّ لَهُم مَدَّةَ قَلَمٍ،فَاحشُرُوهُم مَعَهُم

 When the resurrection day sets in, a herald (of Allah) calls out, Where are the cruel ones, where are the friends of the cruel ones? and those who put a flake of cotton in their inkpots or tied up a bag for them or mended their pen. So, resurrect them all, together with the tyrants.’




Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustafā (salla llāhu ʿalayhi wa-alehe wa-sallam) said:

“O ‘Alī ! You are hujjat (proof) of Allāh. You are the door of Allāh. You are the path of Allāh. You are the greatest news. You are sirat ul mustaqeem (right path). You are the greatest example. You are the Imām of muslims. You are Ameerul Momineen. You are the best of successors. You are master of the trustworthy.

O ‘Alī ! You are Farooq e Azm (greatest honor). You are Siddiq e Akbar (greatest trustworthy).

O ‘Alī! You are My caliph of My ummah. You are judge of My religion.

O ‘Alī! You will be oppressed after Me.

I make Allāh My witness along with My whole ummah that Your party is My party and My party is the party of Allāh. Your enemies’ party is the party of shaitan..”


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