IRAN ZIYARAAT Easter Holidays

      🔵Amafhh Pilgrimage🔵
Very well organised Ziyaraat group
                    in UK
          🕌IRAN ZIYARAAT🕌
              Easter Holidays
  6th April to 20th April 2020
15th shaban in Masjid e Jamkran
From London 💥 £1150💥
From Manchester💥 £1250💥
Including Air ✈️ tickets, Approval, Visa, Food, 🍝🌮☕ Transport,🚍 4, 5, STAR Hotels 🏨 with in walking distance of the Haram.
We will be travelling from  Tehran to Mashad by five Star Fadak Train 🚉.
    Deposit £300 for Bookings.
Please contact
Syed Sajjad Hussain
Mrs Hussain
Limited seats available at this price
Book soon as flight prices are increasing
Late Bookings might increase the price
☞please forward this message in
                  Your groups
              💗Jazak Allah khair💗

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