NGO Arbaeen Europe

The objective is to take the pilgrims of Imam Hussain (as) on the Arbaeen.

However reported experiences from Arbaeen 1438AH (November 2016) showed that this group will take you at the minimum cost, poorest conditions of accommodation and really far from Haram! No food is provided – find your own!

Cost is not everything…there are some standards that people need to stay healthy and well to actually perform the ziyarat….People from this group fell ill, were exhausted and on the night of Arbaeen were accommodated 10km from the Haram of Imam Hussain (as) – 4 hours walk away.

You may as well have NOT come for Arbaeen. This is so sad, and so counter productive!!

Recommendation: DO NOT go with this group!

Ali Raza Rajabi : 00 31 68 132 4680 (Holland)

This group took 1000+ people in Arbaeen 1438AH but put them up in very poor conditions in Imam Baraghahs / Mokibs very far from the harams.

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