We now offer discounted rate Airline Tickets around the world. Specially for PIA, British Airways and many more (family discounts available and group booking discounts available)
The following services are now available
1) Ziyaraat Packages, 2) Airline Tickets, 3) Iraq Visa Approvals, 4) Iraq Visa, 5) Iran Visa Approvals, 6) Umrah Visa
7) Umrah packages, 8) Hajj Packages, 9) Ground Packages in Iran & Iraq
Also cant afford to do Ziyaraats or Umrah, why not speak to us so we can setup Monthly Payment Agreement to make it easier for you.
Message/Call us now to find out more.
*Syed Ali Raza Bukhari* +44 7380962804   *Syed Hassan Raza Bukhari* +44 7544909618  Contactus@karwanebukhari.com  www.fb.com/karwanebukhari

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2 thoughts on “Karwan-e-Bukhari”

  1. copied from IRAQ – Spring Holidays ● Karwan-e-Bukhari

    Their name should be changed from Karwan e Bukhari to Karwan e Khuwari. Wort experience that anyone can have. If you are ready to go with this group be prepared that everything they told you is a lie. Worst hotels. Make you wait for transportation for hours. They will take you for ziaarat and leave you to do it alone by yourself.


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