Ground package for *Ashura* 2018 

Peace be on you
Labbayk ya Hussain a.s
Ground package for *Ashura* 2018
*Package 1 £475*
1 night kazmain in *khafaji*
3 nights Najaf in *qasr-e-dur or qasr-e- Arab*
8 nights Karbala in *lulutul bahar*
*Package 2 £400*
1 night kazmain in *qasr e kazmia*
3 nights Najaf in *qasr-e-nabla or qasr-e- warqa*
8 nights Karbala in *Burj Al yusuf*
Includes 3 meals a day and local ziyarah
For more information contact
Zaheer Abbas Jaffri  07468110110 or or Sayed Wajahat Ali on  07305307650
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