Anjuman-e-Parvana-e-SHABBIR – Easter 2017

17/01/2017, 6:11:34 pm: Syed Abidi: Anjuman-e-Parvana-e-SHABBIR presents “Karwana-e-Abidi” *Spiritual journey to Iraq* میں کربوبلا جاوءں یہ اوقات نہی ہے عباس جو چاہے تو کوئ بات نہی ہے

From 6th April till 16th April, spend your easter holidays on spiritually high note in Iraq during *Wiladat of IMAM ALI (AS)*.

*Maulana Muhammad Raza Babai from Najaf & Maulana Nabil Awan from UK* will be guiding you to the places of Jannah. Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (AS) farmate hai: ”Jis shakhs ko Allah khair ataa karna chahta hai uske dil me qabre Imam Husain ki ziyarat ka shauq daal deta hai”

All ziyarats at Najaf, Kazmain, Samarrah, kufa, Musayyab, Hilla, Balad & Karbala will be done along with Maulana Insha ALLAH. With a very low hadiya of either *£895 or £995* during Easter holidays which includes Tickets, Visa, Hotels (near haram & shared), food and local transport.

Only 6 holidays needed for working people & no holidays for students & teachers.

Closing date: *20th February 2017* Deposit: £500 non-refundable. *Limited seats available* To book or for more info please contact *Br. Abidi @ 07885 243 371.*

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